Bagto Bag, S.A. de C.V.

Design and production of food packaging
About us
Bagto Bag is a company dedicated to the production of innovative food packaging solutions in Mexico. We are a high-tech production complex equipped with advanced equipment that allows us to create packaging of various shapes, sizes and designs.

We are ready to offer you packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, safety and usability. We strive to ensure that our packaging not only protects products from external factors, but also makes them more attractive to consumers.

Our developments meet the latest trends and market preferences. We partner with food manufacturers to offer them the best packaging solutions for their products. We value our customers and are always ready to listen to their wishes and suggestions.
"Pack your products with us - Bagto Bag, S.A. de C.V., the quality of our packaging has remained unchanged for many years!"
Our advantages
Original packaging design.
Bagto Bag has experienced designers who create innovative, modern and efficient food packaging. Such design attracts the attention of consumers and also helps to strengthen the product brand.
High quality products.
Bagto Bag uses only the highest quality materials to produce packaging that keeps food safe and fresh. In addition, the Bagto Bag production process meets all international quality standards.
Wide range.
Bagto Bag offers a wide range of food packaging, including bags for cereals, pasta, snacks, convenience foods, chocolates, and more. All products meet the requirements and needs of various food industries.
Good value for money.
Bagto Bag offers its services at a reasonable price combined with high quality products. This allows the company to attract both local and international clients who appreciate this approach to business.
"Reliability, functionality, innovation - all in one package! Discover new possibilities with Bagto Bag, S.A. de C.V!"
History of "Bagto Bag, S.A. de C.V."
Bagto Bag, S.A. de C.V. was founded in Mexico in 2010. Its founders are three young and ambitious designers who believed that the food packaging market lacked quality and modern products. They decided to create their own company that would be able to produce beautiful and functional packaging for different types of products.

Bagto Bag's operating principles are based on customer care and product quality. The company prides itself on designing and working with materials to ensure maximum product safety. Bagto Bag specializes in the production of packaging for food, including frozen food, confectionery, snacks and other products.
Our services
  • Design and production of paper bags for bakery products
  • Design and manufacture of plastic fruit and vegetable containers
  • Design and production of multi-row beverage boxes
  • Design and manufacture of carton bags
    for snacks and candies.